Off-Campus Access Guidelines and Resources

Online Resources

Most Bucknell resources can be accessed the same way you would on-campus by using your Bucknell credentials and multi-factor authentication (Duo). 

Bucknell Account Management (BAM) FAQ

Duo Security FAQ

Access via Direct Links

Many services (Bmail, Moodle, etc.) can be accessed through myBucknell or through direct links found here: 

Direct Links Guide 

Bucknell VPN

For some systems, you will need to access the Bucknell network through our VPN (Virtual Personal Network). Bucknell's VPN secures your online connection and provides access to Bucknell resources you would not otherwise be able to access from off-campus. 


Accessing Software from Off-Campus

Software is available for faculty, staff, and students in a variety of locations and methods. More specific information can be found here:

Software FAQ

Bucknell University Remote Labs (VMware Horizon) is a virtual computer lab.  BU Remote Labs allows you to access and utilize software without installing it on your computer. More information on Remote Labs can be found here:

Bucknell University Remote Labs FAQ


Bucknell has acquired a site license for Zoom. ​​​​​​This software allows meeting participants to see each other, talk to each other, type in a chat window, share their computer screen, share documents or an application, and record meetings. Information on how to acquire and utilize the software can be found here:

Zoom FAQ

Online Instruction for Faculty

Given we are in a scenario which prevents instructors and students from meeting face to face, the following resources are available to address an online teaching approach: 

Bucknell Teaching Continuity Guide

Moodle Quick Start Guide

Kaltura Capture FAQ

Students Resources

Before starting your remote classes, please follow the guide below.

Remote Class Checklist for Students

If you need help navigating independent and distant learning, please follow the guide below. 

Independent and Remote Learning Tips

Library and Technology Support

Library Support

Library Research Chat service available. 

Tech Support

Tech Support is available to assist with your technology needs. If you need to report an issue or have questions, please submit a ticket, email or call Tech Support at 570.577.7777 during our business hours

Additional Resources

How do I work remotely and efficiently?

What is Google Hangouts?

Moodle Messaging

Remote Access to Library Services

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Office Phone FAQ

Off-Campus Options for Internet Connectivity


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