Kaltura / Mediaspace FAQ

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Basic Information


What is Kaltura / Mediaspace?

Kaltura and Mediaspace are references to an online media-streaming server that hosts Video / Audio / and Image content within the Bucknell domain. Mediaspace is the web interface, and Kaltura is the parent company of Mediaspace. Kaltura / Mediaspace are available to all Bucknell users: Students, Faculty and Staff.

How do I get started?

To access content, visit https://mediaspace.bucknell.edu and Login with your BU credentials.

If you are signed into myBucknell already, your name will replace the login button in the upper right corner when you click on the login option. By visiting the website and logging in, you will activate your account, which will allow you to begin to upload content, share media, and access the screen-recording program Kaltura Capture.

How do I upload a video or multiple videos to Mediaspace?

The following article outlines steps to upload and publish media within Mediaspace. 

Begin by logging into Mediaspace, entering your BU credentials, and then next to your name, selecting the + Add New button, and selecting from the options there.

Do students have access to Mediaspace / Kaltura?

Yes, students have the same access and functionality as you do. Students don't have quite the same options for content in Moodle, however you can setup a Kaltura Video Assignment, create a channel in Mediaspace, or have students share a url with you to accept student created media content.

Can I use Kaltura / Mediaspace on a mobile device?

Yes and No. There is a mobile app that works with Mediaspace, however the app does not include features like the Kaltura Capture program. Users of the mobile app can access video content, upload their own media, download media, and access channel content, but the mobile apps do not have the client application to screen record or integrate with a phone's camera technology. The app is called KMS Go, and you can find information on downloading it and configuring the app in the following article:

Mediaspace & Moodle

How do I integrate my Mediaspace / Kaltura media into my Moodle course.

The following articles outline Moodle integration with Mediaspace / Kaltura.

Features & Use

Can I consolidate Media into a single page, accept student submissions, and organize subtopics related to your course?

How do I record lectures using Kaltura Capture?

There are a number of options available for you to record lectures, short video announcements and other media to integrate into your course. Consider using one of the following articles:

then reference the article on uploading to Mediaspace, My Media and Publishing for extended use.

Can I edit my media after I've recorded it?

You may find the need to "clean-up" your media, and users have a few options to do so.