How do I record lectures using Kaltura Capture?

Recorded lectures work best when they are short.  According to one study, student attention begins to drop off after the six-minute mark in a recorded lecture.  By rule, TED talks don't last longer than 18 minutes.  Pre-recorded lectures can be used to provide initial exposure to difficult concepts, since students can watch the videos multiple times.  You can also use recorded lectures for simpler concepts that don't require extensive in-class discussion.  At Bucknell, we have an easy-to-use tool called Kaltura Capture that allows you to record your lecture slides along with your voice/face as you deliver the lecture.  To use Kaltura Capture, you need only a Webcam, microphone, and Internet browser.  You don't need any pre-installed software.  Here are instructions on how to record a lecture using Kaltura Capture:


Using your Internet browser, go to:


Click the Login button in the upper right hand corner. (If you are already logged in to one of our single-sign-on systems, as in Bmail or myBucknell, you will pass straight through to Mediaspace.  Otherwise, you will be prompted to log in)


Click on the + Add New menu button, and within the menu that drops down, click on Kaltura Capture.


Install the desktop plugin to your computer.

Click here if you need help installing the client.

Download Kaltura Capture plugin


After the installation is complete, you will need to re-select the Kaltura Capture option from the + Add New menu in Mediaspace.

Kaltura Capture link


After the plugin is installed, you should see the options on the right for the sources you can include in your recording.

Kaltura Recording Options


Determine which input sources you’ll want to record. (For a narrated lecture, you'll most likely want the options shown here: screen, camera, and audio.)  Screen allows full desktop or window selection options, and audio includes options from either the internal microphone OR an external mic.  (External microphones are recommended for improved audio quality.)

Kaltura Capture Input Source Options


Hit the large red Record button to begin

Start Recording


A recording monitor will appear near the lower right corner of your screen as you record.  If you are recording a lecture presentation (and capturing your computer screen), you'll want to switch to your lecture slides (PowerPoint, Google sides, etc.) and page through those slides as you record your comments.

Kaltura Recording Monitor


The minimized UI includes:

  • Stop recording button - complete the recording- (white square) - Press to stop the recording. You will be prompted with a confirmation box.
  • Pause/Resume recording button - Pause button - (red circle) Press to Pause.
  • Cancel recording button - discard recording
  • Elapsed time
  • Microphone
  • Pencil icon - to open the whiteboard, which includes screen annotation options to type, highlight and insert basic call-out shapes.
  • Minimize icon


When you complete the Kaltura Capture Recording by hitting the square stop button, a message is displayed that asks for your confirmation.  Click on the "Yes, Stop it" button to finish your recording.

Confirmation to stop recording


Upon confirmation, a summary screen is displayed that details the entry on the Kaltura Capture Edit Entry page. 

You can modify the Title, and add a Description, and add Tags to the entry. Select one of the following options:

  • Delete to delete your entry.
  • Save and Upload to upload to MediaSpace.
  • Save to save to your Library of entries. You will be able to Upload at a later time from your media library
  • Start a new recording - you will be prompted with a confirmation that you indeed want to leave.


When you Save a recording without uploading it, the Management window opens with the Edit tab and displays the options to Upload or delete your media. To finalize your recording, click on the "Save & Upload" button on the screen displayed just above.  An upload progress bar is displayed, and a successful upload message appears when the upload is completed.

Your video is now available under My Media in Mediaspace.


You can link to all your Mediaspace content within Moodle following these instructions.




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