Mediaspace: What's the difference between Channels and Playlists?

Mediaspace: Channels vs Playlists

Within Mediaspace you have the ability to create both Channels and Playlists. While they both can host multiple videos, they function in distinct ways. This article explains how they work, and how you can create either to suit your needs. 


work like a central landing page for all videos related to a course, department, organization, etc. They are meant to function like a single webpage of content. 

Ideal uses for a channel include:

  • Act like a webpage, to consolidate content for a single course, or department.
  • Allow multiple users to access content, and even contribute to that content.
    • You can also designate Moderators, who can review submissions and comments
  • Showcase and Highlight videos from your instruction or your students to the Bucknell community.
  • Channels can also be created to share content with an external community beyond the domain of Bucknell, however this must be made by special request, and content will be reviewed to determine it's eligibility for an external audience.
Example of a Channel Page in Mediaspace


work as a sequence of videos which can help organize Channel content, or play in a succession within a single viewer or player. Playlists can also be shared with a link, just as a regular video file, but include multiple related videos in a side layout. 

Ideal uses for a playlist include:

  • Organize subtopics, themes or related content within a channel.
  • Include multiple videos within a single player or single link.
  • Embed multiple videos into a single player within a website like Wordpress or Google Sites.

Here's an example of a playlist embedded within a webpage.

Example of a Playlist embedded within a website

Channel Playlists example in Mediaspace

How to Create Channels and Playlists


To create a Channel, and or Channel Playlist

visit the following article on Using Channels in Mediaspace - Creating, Adding Users, Adding Media.


To create a Playlist

Log into Mediaspace, click the Login link and sign in with your BU credentials, or click your name in the type-right corner if you're already logged in, and choose the "My Playlists" option. 

My Playlists option within Mediaspace
Choose the "Create Playlist" button to start the process. create a playlist button in Mediaspace
Name the playlist (and add a description), You must include a minimum of 3 tags (keywords) to help your users find the content. Then click on the Add button to save your changes. Information boxes for a name, description, and tags when creating a playlist in Mediaspace.
To add videos to the playlist, click on the "Add to playlist" button. Add to Playlist button within mediaspace
Now click on the "+" icon next to each video that you want to add to the playlist. Selected Videos for a playlist in Mediaspace
You can change the order of your videos by selecting either the 2 horizontal lines icon to the left of the media's thumbnail, OR by selecting the 3-dot menu at the end of the row on the right-side of the playlist selection window.
move position selector for playlists in mediaspacesecond move position selector for playlist content in mediaspace
Make sure you click the "Done" button when you have finished selecting your videos, and then hit the "Save" button near the top, to finish saving the Playlist. done button for playlists in mediaspace
After you have hit Save, a window with share options will appear. You can copy the top link and use that link to share multiple videos within your playlist in a single player within Moodle and various other sites, or if you want to embed the player within a website like Wordpress or Google Sites, select the iframe code near the bottom and finish by selecting Done. Share options for a completed playlist in mediaspace



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