Use the Full Deck feature in Mediaspace

The Full Deck feature within Mediaspace is a way of presenting media content from a presentation with a dynamic view in the main player. Audiences can select between a standard full screen view of either your recording or the presentation media, a side-by-side view, or a picture-in-picture view. This allows the audience to follow the content more closely, and customize their view.

Start by recording your video on whatever device it's most convenient for you. Then Login to Mediaspace and choose Add New - > Media Upload.

Add New Media in Mediaspace GIF

Wait for your Media to finish uploading and processing. Processing might take awhile depending on the size of your video, so take a break and then come back to Mediaspace.

Go to your My Media library, and then find your video. Click on it's title and then look for the Actions menu below the player in the lower right corner, then select Edit.

Actions Menu and Edit selection from Mediaspace video page


In the Edit menu, Select the Timeline option.

Timeline option in the Edit menu


Find the icons on the left-hand side at the start of the Timeline, the bookmark icon is for Chapters and the document icon is for Full Deck uploads. You can upload the following file types: .PPT, .PPTX, .PDF

Slides Deck icon in Timeline editor of Mediaspace


A windows will appear for you to select your file. You can upload an entire presentation or just individual slides. To use individual slides, export that slide from PowerPoint as an image. After it's finished Loading, the Timeline will distribute your slides evenly amongst the video with small light-blue icons.

Slides Deck icons in the Timeline after loading in Mediaspace.


Adjust the blue icons that correspond to your presentation slides by dragging them to the points in the video where you want them to first appear. If you have Titles and Text within the slide, Full Deck will automatically import that content into the Slide Information panel. You can also add tags (keywords) separated by commas and make fine-tuning adjustments to the time. Just remember to click Save when you are finished. 


After you've finished adjusting your slides, your audience will be able to view that content alongside the recording you made. They can adjust their view and even do directly to the content they need, by selecting the chapter search in the upper left corner.

Dynamic Viewer Gif.


You can Watch this How-To video for review.

Link to Full Deck tutorial video



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