Using Kaltura Capture with Presentation Software (i.e. Powerpoint, Google Slides, etc.)


Using your internet browser, go to:


Click the Login button in the upper right hand corner. (You must be logged into MyBucknell, if you are not you will be prompted to do so)


Select the "+ Add New" menu option, and below choose Kaltura Capture


Install the desktop plugin to your respective computer.

Click here if you need help installing the client.


After install is complete, you will need to re-select the Kaltura Capture option from the "+ Add New" menu in Mediaspace once again.


After the plugin is installed, you should see the following options:


Set one of your inputs to your Screen, if you’d like that to appear in your video, activate your webcam as a Camera  source as well, and select a Microphone source. External microphones will often improve the quality of audio.


Hit the large red Record button to begin, then navigate to your Presentation program like PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote.


A recording monitor will appear near the lower right corner of your screen as you record.

Slideshow beginning in Google Slides


When you complete the Kaltura Capture Recording, a message is displayed that asks for your confirmation.


Upon confirmation, a message is displayed that details the entry on the Kaltura Capture Edit Entry page.

Kaltura Capture save window prompt


You can modify the Title and add a Description and Tags to the entry. Select one of the following options:

  • Delete to delete your entry.

  • Save and Upload to upload to MediaSpace.

  • Save to save to your Library of entries. You will be able to Upload at a later time from your media library

  • Start a new recording - you will be prompted with a confirmation that you indeed want to leave.


When you Save a recording without uploading it, the Management window opens with the Edit tab and displays the options to Upload or delete your media. An upload progress bar is displayed and a successful upload message appears when the upload is completed.

Your video is now available under My Media in Mediaspace.


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