How do I work remotely and efficiently?

This may be the first time you've worked remotely or it may be the first time you've tried it while everyone else in your household is also at home. If you are working remotely, you may find that your Internet seems slower than the Internet on the Bucknell campus. If you are using a computer that worked perfectly well on campus, then it's probably not a problem with the computer.

Is your home network being accessed by other devices?

Several people are using bandwidth intensive applications from your home wifi or network. If you are trying to work while one person is streaming a movie, someone  is streaming a television show, and someone else is playing an online game, then there may be very little Internet left for you. If your kids, spouse, parents, and neighbors are all quarantined and accessing online media from the same access point, then it really may be slow for everyone. This isn't really a technical problem... You may need to ask everyone else in your household to stay off the Internet while you work.

Are you working on large files located on Netspace?

You are trying to work remotely the exact same way you work on campus, specifically by connecting to Netspace, opening a really large Excel spreadsheet and then repeatedly editing and saving. You may find that this is a very slow way to work. Connect to Netspace, download a copy of the file, and then when your edits are complete, replace the version in Netspace with the new version. Or, request a Google Team Drive and move your files into it.

Do you need to share files with a co-worker or student?

If you are creating documents that a co-worker or student or a whole class or department will need to access, be sure you are using the right tool for the job. Files you are sharing with students should go into your Moodle course or Google Drive. Files you need to share with your department should go into Google Drive or Team Drive. If you share a file from Moodle, Google Drive, or Team Drive, then you only need to transfer it once. If you put that file in Netspace, then it everyone has do go through the process of connecting to the VPN, mapping network drives, and downloading the file. That's an unecessarily slow and resource intensive process.


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