Zoom FAQ

Bucknell has a site license for Zoom! All faculty, staff, and students can use Zoom free of charge.

Zoom is webconference or videoconference software that allows meeting participants to see each other, talk to each other, type in a chat window, share their computer screen, share documents or an application, and record meetings. Zoom has an installed application that all meeting participants can install on their computer, smartphone, or tablet. Download and install from Zoom Installers.

Go to bucknell.zoom.us or open the Zoom app and click Sign In with SSO.

Zoom Security Information

Zoom General Instructions

Training from LinkedIn Learning

Training from Zoom 

Engaging Your Audience

Bucknell specific video instructions

Create Advising Appointments with Zoom and Google Calendar Appointment Slots:

Create Recurring Office Hours with Zoom and Google Calendar:

Add a Zoom to an Existing Meeting in the Google Calendar:




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