Can someone else host my Zoom meeting?

Having a second host in a Zoom meeting can be very useful. The other host can mute and unmute microphones, handle questions in the chat, and assist anyone who needs help.

Alternative Host

When you are scheduling a meeting, you can add one or more alternative hosts. Type their email addresses, separated by a comma in the Alternative Hosts field. The alternative hosts receive a special invitation that allows them to start the meeting in your absence. 

Learn more from Zoom Help: Alternative Host.


If your meeting starts and you realize you need help managing the participants, you can promote one of them to serve as a co-host. Click the three little dots in the corner of that person's video and then select Make Co-Host.

More Information

Learn more from Zoom Help: Using a Co-Host in a Meeting.

If you want someone else to schedule your Zoom meetings for you, please see, How do I delegate someone to schedule Zoom meetings for me?

For a general overview of host, co-host, and alternative host permissions, go to Zoom Help: Roles in a Meeting.


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