What equipment do I need to join a Zoom meeting?

If you are planning to join a Zoom meeting, you will need the following:

  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone with
    • Built in or headphones (PREFERRED), earbuds, external speakers,
    • Built in or external microphone
    • Built in or external webcam
  • An internet connection
    • Wired ethernet (PREFERRED)
    • Wireless (High Quality/Speed will work well)
    • Cellular with data
  • Access or permission to install and configure Zoom software on your device
  • You may also choose to join a Zoom meeting using a telephone instead of a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Here's another way to think about Zoom:

  • You will need to see people and they will need to see you (webcam + computer, tablet, or smartphone screen).
  • You will need to hear people and they will need to hear you (microphone + headphones)

NOTE: You will have the best audio with a headset that has an attached microphone.  You will have the worst audio with a laptop computer that has a built in microphone and speakers.  You will have atrocious audio if two or more people are in the same room connected to the same Zoom.

Learn more about the system requirements from Zoom Help Center.

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