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UPDATE: Change Bucknell_VPN to vpn.bucknell.edu.

What is a VPN?

Bucknell's VPN secures your traffic while you're online and can provide some access to Bucknell resources that you would not otherwise have if you're off-campus.

Resources requiring VPN to access from off-campus

Here is a list of reasons why a Bucknell student or staff person might use the VPN:

  • Access to Netspace (unless you use FTP to access Netspace)
  • Access some Administrative Systems:
    • Ascend
    • SLATE (Administrative users)
    • Blackbaud (Administrative users)
    • Banner 9 Admin
    • EMS, etc. 
    • Cognos
    • Linux server applications
  • Access Bmail from locations that restrict access to Google and associated applications
  • Remote desktop to a Bucknell computer on-campus
  • Print to university-owned departmental printers (staff only)
  • Virtual Workstation (accessing a Bucknell lab computer directly)

Resources that DO NOT require VPN to access from off-campus

Installing and Configuring the VPN

How do I install and configure the Bucknell VPN?

Access Netspace over VPN

How do I map network drives on a Windows computer from off-campus?

How do I connect to Netspace from a Mac?

Additional Resources

Are you getting a "VPN connection failed due to unsuccessful domain name resolution" error when you try to connect?

Off-Campus Access Guidelines and Resources

How do I connect to the VPN as a vendor?

How do I connect to Xanthus from off-campus?

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