How do I securely FTP to Netspace with my Windows computer?

Download and Configure Xftp 

  1. Go to
  2. Put in your name and Bucknell email address. Select xftp and click on Download. A link to the installer will be emailed to you.

  3. In your email, click on the link to download the installer. Once downloaded, double click on the installer. 
  4. Accept the license agreement.
  5. Click NextNext, and Install. Click Finish to complete the installation.
  6. Accept the default path when prompted.
  7. When Xftp opens for the first time, you'll see a window prompting you for sessions. Click on the New in the top left corner.
  8. When prompted, give your new session a name that you recognize, like Bucknell Netspace. For the properties, use the following:
  • host:
  • protocol: SFTP
  • username: Your Bucknell username
  • password: Your Bucknell password

You've now set up your connection. Note that in order to use XFTP to access Netspace from off campus, you must be connected to the VPN. (How to connect to the VPN)

You can customize it to make it easier for you to access your particular drives.

  1. Click on the Options tab across the top.
  2. In Options, you can choose your initial folders. These are the locations where you'll want your session to automatically open. The default for the local folder (the one on your computer) is your desktop, but if you want to change it, click on the . . .  on the Local folder line and navigate to your preference. If you want the initial folder to be your public/private space on Netspace, use /netspace/facultystaff or /netspace/students, then click OK.
  3. Click Connect to open the session. There is a checkbox that allows you to always see a dialog box when you open Xftp.
  4. When prompted to accept the host key, press Accept & Save.

Using Xftp to Access Netspace Files From Off-Campus

  1. Once connected, you have a standard FTP window, with your local connection on the left, and your remote connection on the right.
  2. Drag a file to the left to download it to the desktop, or highlight the folder and click on the left arrow on the toolbar to download it.
  3. Edit your document on your computer, save it, and transfer it back to your network space. You can move folders or groups of files at the same time.



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