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New bucknell.edu Certificate

A new security certificate has been activated for the "bucknell.edu" wireless network.  Users of non-Bucknell-owned Windows computers, MacOS computers, other operating systems, and some mobile devices (iOS) may be prompted to accept the new certificate when they reconnect connect to "bucknell.edu". Learn more about the new bucknell.edu certificate from the Why am I being asked about a certificate when connecting to the wireless network? article in the Ask Library & IT knowledge base.

Troubleshooting Wireless Issues

There are a number of potential issues that might prevent your laptop from connecting to the bucknell.edu network. If you’re not on the bucknell.edu network, you won’t be able to access myBucknell, webprint, Moodle, or any other Bucknell service. Learn more about troubleshooting the bucknell.edu network from the What are some troubleshooting steps to fix issues when I can’t connect to the bucknell.edu network? article in the Ask Library & IT knowledge base.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Google Docs Pages Not Showing

Are some of your Google Docs pages not showing up? Do you also use the Grammarly extension? If so, disable the Grammarly extension in your browser to resolve the issue. If you have further questions, please stop by or email the Tech Desk.

24 Hour Spaces

Bertrand Library 24 hour space (122) and Dana 214 will be accessible to students on campus during the upcoming breaks. BUID will be required to enter the building. Learn more about 24 hour spaces from the Where are the computer labs and 24 hour spaces on campus? article in the Ask Library & IT knowledge base.

Duo Security Issues?

Are you having Duo issues? Maybe you got a new phone or you accidentally broke your phone. We have a full list of instructions for the most common Duo issues. Learn more about Duo security and get a full list of instructions to resolve Duo issues from the Duo Security FAQ article in the Ask Library & IT knowledge base.

Need IT help?

Do you have a technology issue? Maybe it's a software or hardware issue, wireless problem or something else. Whatever it is, we can help. Click on the Submit a Ticket button. 

If you have a classroom technology emergency, please call the 570-577-3435 to avoid delay in response time.

Have a question? We have the answer!

You can search our large knowledge base by asking a question or browsing our categories.  You can find the answer to the most common questions, find step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting guides, useful links, recent and popular articles and more. Click on the Ask Knowledge Base button to visit our Ask Library & IT Knowledge Base.

What is the Service Catalog & how do I request service from Library & IT?

The Service Catalog list all the services Library & IT provides including streaming media, project, lab & classroom software install requests, etc., allowing you to easily request a service. Click on Request L&IT Service to visit the Library & IT Service Catalog.

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