Outages & Maintenance

We will be doing network maintenance on Saturday (8/7) from 6:00am-noon. There will be temporary disruptions and potential outages during this time in the following buildings: Swartz Chi Pi Observatory Academic West Academic East Holmes Management McDonnel Tau Kappa Epsilon Environmental Center Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Chi Please contact the Tech Desk - techdesk@bucknell.edu or 570-577-77777 with any concerns or questions.
The campus wireless network will be intermittently available from 5:00am until 8:00am on Sunday (8/8) while we update our access points. Interruptions will be short in duration. If you have any questions, please contact the Tech Desk at techdesk@bucknell.edu or (570) 577-7777.
The time clocks through which some hourly staff enter their time to Workday are in need of unplanned software updates that can only be applied at the manufacturer. We are developing a plan that will rotate through all of them over the summer meaning several will be offline at any given time while offsite being updated. Other clocks will remain in service and direct time entry into Workday remains available.

Welcome to Information Technology

Current IT News

Bucknell IoT Network

bucknell_iot is a wireless network intended for gaming and media devices that do not have an Ethernet jack and cannot connect to an enterprise wireless network. Learn more about bucknell_iot network and registering your device from the bucknell_iot Wireless Network FAQ article in the Ask Library & IT knowledge base.

Guidance for Disinfecting your Computing Equipment

This guide will help students, faculty, and staff navigate disinfecting Bucknell-owned and personally-owned computing equipment. Learn more about disinfecting Apple and Dell computing equipment from the Guidance for Disinfecting your Computing Equipment article in the Ask Library & IT knowledge base.  

Zoom FAQ

Bucknell has a site license for Zoom! All faculty, staff, and students can use Zoom by going to bucknell.zoom.us. Learn more about how to use Zoom from the Zoom FAQ.

Off-Campus Access Guidelines and Resources

This guide will help students, faculty, and staff navigate working remotely for the spring 2020 semester. Learn about Bucknell VPN, accessing software from off-campus, Zoom, online instruction for faculty, student resources, Library and IT hours and more from the Off-Campus Access Guidelines and Resources article in the Ask Library & IT knowledge base. 

Kaltura Capture

Kaltura and Mediaspace are references to an online video server that hosts Video / Audio / and Image content within the Bucknell domain. For more information on Kaltura and Mediaspace, visit the Kaltura Capture FAQ article in the Ask knowledge base.  

Need IT help?

Do you have a technology issue? Maybe it's a software or hardware issue, wireless problem or something else. Whatever it is, we can help. Click on the Submit a Ticket button. 

If you have a classroom technology emergency, please call the 570-577-3435 to avoid delay in response time.

Have a question? We have the answer!

You can search our large knowledge base by asking a question or browsing our categories.  You can find the answer to the most common questions, find step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting guides, useful links, recent and popular articles and more. Click on the Ask Knowledge Base button to visit our Ask Library & IT Knowledge Base.

What is the Service Catalog & how do I request service from Library & IT?

The Service Catalog list all the services Library & IT provides including streaming media, project, lab & classroom software install requests, etc., allowing you to easily request a service. Click on Request L&IT Service to visit the Library & IT Service Catalog.

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Reserve Equipment 24-hours in advance. For more information go to the Patron Portal.
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