Duo Security FAQ

What is Duo Security?

Duo Security is a multi-factor authentication (MFA) service. 

What is multi-factor authentication?

Many services use one secret piece of information, like a password, to allow users to access a website or application. Some services use multi-factor authentication, which means the user needs to use secret information (like a password) AND an object (like a desk phone or smartphone) to access a website or application. 

Why does Bucknell require multi-factor authentication?

Everyone at Bucknell who is a full-time staff or student or has access to sensitive information is now required to use Duo Security. In addition, all retirees are required to use Duo. You cannot opt-out of Duo Security if you are required to use it.

Duo is an extra security measure that can be used in myBucknell login. Duo adds a layer of security by requiring someone to have physical access to a piece of hardware if they try to access your account with your password. This hardware may be your phone or a code generator – without this, an intruder would be unable to access your account.

What are the benefits of multi-factor authentication?

The one benefit to Bucknell faculty, staff and student is that passwords do not expire while you are using Duo Security. Secondly, users are able to easily verify they are who they say they are while helping prevent attackers from gaining access to your account. 

What are the authentication methods needed to login to Bucknell systems?

The first authentication method will be your Bucknell credentials. The second factor will be using Duo Security. Duo Security has three methods of authenticating; push, call, and passcode. 

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