Duo Security FAQ

What is Duo Mobile?

Duo Mobile is a multi-factor authentication (MFA) service. 

All faculty, staff, students and retirees are required to use Duo Security. 

Duo adds a layer of security by requiring you to have physical access to your smartphone or code generator when you try to access your account with your password. Without access to your smartphone or code generator, an intruder is unable to access your account.

Your Bucknell password will not expire because you are using Duo to provide an extra level of security for your account.

Duo Security can be set up on multiple devices (such as tablets) and each user should have more than one device set up. Users can select to receive 1 single-use passcode be sent to their cell phone via text. You may choose to write down your passcodes for use when you are not near your phone. If you do please keep these codes in a secure location. 

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  1. Duo Security Instructions
  2. Student Only: Duo SOS
  3. Common Duo Mobile Issues and Fixes

Duo Security Instructions

Students Only: Duo SOS

How do I access Bucknell resources if I lose access to Duo? Students only! If you lose your phone, you can request a one-time emergency passcode.

Common Duo Mobile Issues and Fixes

Duo is not sending notifications

  1. Verify notifications are not turned off for Duo Mobile
  2. Open the Duo Mobile App. You should see your notification pending. Click on Respond to accept or deny the push.
  3. Reactivate Duo Mobile

I got a new phone and the duo account did not transfer

  1. Reactivate Duo Mobile

Duo Mobile is displaying a white screen

  1. Check Content Restrictions

Push Notification that I did not initiate

  1. DENY the request: If you did not initiate the push notification DO NOT accept the login request. Select Deny. At that point, L&IT is notified and we can verify the login request. 
  2. If you accepted a request that you did not initiate, you should change your password and contact the Tech Desk immediately.

Passcode in the Duo Mobile app is not being accepted

  1. As of September 8, 2022, Duo Mobile app passcodes were disabled due to a security vulnerability exploiting this method. 
    • Alternate Options:
    • VPN 2nd Password Options:
      • Type push or push1 in the 2nd passcode field. 
      • Type a passcode from your code generator

Abroad and trying to reactivate Duo Mobile with a new number

To set up Duo with your new phone and/or new phone number, please follow the steps below:

  1. If you do not have the Duo Mobile app on your mobile phone, download it now from your mobile app store. Open the app and allow access to the camera.
  2. Go to https://duosos.bucknell.edu/ to get a one-time emergency passcode. You will need to save this for step 3 when you follow the instructions and it asks you to authenticate. You will enter this number in the passcode option.
    - If you do not have your BUID card, email the Tech Desk for the next steps
  3. From a computer, please refer to the Ask Library & IT knowledge base article, "How do I add a new phone number to Duo multi-factor authentication?" https://bucknell.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/40/LIT/KB/ArticleDet?ID=42


Note: Duo Security does not work in any country or region subject to U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctions.

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