How do I add a new device to Duo multi-factor authentication?

If you get a new phone, but you're keeping the same phone number, it's easy to re-activate Duo Mobile by following these steps. 

If you get a new phone number, however, the process is a little different. For example, a student studying abroad might get a new phone with a different SIM card or a Bucknell employee might want to add a new phone number to provide a different option for authentication.

1) If you have access to Duo currently with something that you can use to authenticate (with a current phone, code generator, access code, or Yubikey), follow these steps:

Begin by going to this address:   

Enter your credentials if you're not already logged in.

Click on the Add a new device link on the left hand side. You'll then see a screen saying that you'll need to verify your identity by calling your current device or sending a push to your current device.

If you just need to add a new number at this time, you'll see your various options for adding a new phone number. You can follow the steps and you should be all set.

2) If you don't have access to Duo with any device that you can use to authenticate, follow these steps:

  • If you're in Lewisburg, you can come to the Tech Desk with your photo ID and a staff person can help you add another number, or provide you an alternative source of authentication, like a code generator or a Yubikey.
  • If you're not in Lewisburg, and you're a student, you can go to and get a temporary access code. You can then copy that code, and in the screen above, when you're asked to verify that it is you when you're adding a new device, you can click on Enter a Passcode.  Paste in the code that you've copied, then add a new phone number or other device.



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