How do I use Duo Security with a Yubikey?

If you do not own a cell phone, a tablet or any sort of mobile device that will work for authenticating a Duo log-in, you will need to use a Yubikey. These devices work by generating a passcode during your log-in attempt.

Note: A Yubikey requires a USB port.  It will only work on a device that has a USB port.

Note: Your Yubikey will allow you to login to CAS services such as Bmail and myBucknell.  You cannot login to the VPN using a Yubikey.

What a Yubikey looks like


    1. Plug the Yubikey into a USB port on the computer you are about to log in on. You will now see a green light in the center of the Yubikey.
    2. Login through Central Authentication Service (CAS) to myBucknell with your Bucknell username and password.
    3. Use the drop down menu next to Device: to select Token.
    4. When Duo Security prompts you on the next screen to authenticate the log-in, select "Enter a Passcode".
    5. Click on the text field "Enter a passcode" and then press the green light on the Yubikey.

passcode - Copy

You have successfully logged in!

Note: If your default device is a landline, select Token from the Device: drop down menu to display Enter a Passcode.


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