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The Bucknell Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool that allows users to access many of Bucknell’s network resources from a computer that is off-campus. Click on this article for more information
This article lists what applications are included in Adobe Creative Cloud.
Instructions for adding the FollowMe printer queue to a personal Mac laptop.
Technology Liaisons for Academic and Administrative Departments
Duo Security is a multi-factor authentication (MFA) service
Instruction on how to use Duo with no cellphone signal.
Quick start guide for Moodle
We create Moodle course shells for all courses listed in Banner, but the courses are hidden from students. These instructions explain how to make active courses visible to students.
Computer replacement schedule for faculty and staff computers in academic and administrative departments.
Easy steps on how to post as your google group
Very few first year students back up their data. Click on this article for more instructions on how to back your data.
Follow-Me Printing is a great system that allows you to print from a variety of computers and then release your print job with your Bucknell ID card. For more information, click on this article.
Instructions for emailing students through Moodle.
The Bison Laptop Program provides guidance and direction for your laptop buying decision. Click on this article for more information.