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This article discussing the frequently asked questions about the Herd Health App
Instructions for reactivating Duo Mobile when you get a new phone.
Bucknell requires the use of a secure FTP program in order to access Netspace from off campus. We recommend using NetSarang Xftp. This article describes how to configure Xftp to connect to Netspace.
Click on this article for more information on how to turn on/off your WiFi on your computer.
Bucknell University Remote Labs (VMware Horizon) is a virtual computer lab. Click on this article for more information.
Step by step guide on how to download and install Read&Write Gold. Faculty, staff, and students can download the software from myBucknell.
Instructions for faculty, staff or student who may be encountering Duo Security for the very first time.
Instructions for adding files to Code42 default backup set.
For more information on Code42 Crashplan, click on this article.
There are a number of potential issues that might prevent your laptop from connecting to the network. Click on this article to find out more.
Bucknell students, faculty and staff can store files on Google drive using their Bmail account. Follow this article for information on how to backup files on your computer.
Instructions on how to use Google Drive for Desktop.
One of the most powerful features of Moodle is the Gradebook, in terms of its ability to handle multiple grading scenarios. Click on this article for more information.
Instructions for updating the FollowMe printers on Windows.
Instructions for updating the FollowMe printer driver on Mac.