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Pinned Article Bucknell Account Management (BAM) FAQ

For information about Bucknell Account Management, please review this article.

Pinned Article Duo Security FAQ

Duo Security is a multi-factor authentication (MFA) service

Pinned Article Phishing FAQ

This article is all about phishing. It explains what phishing is and has additional information on what to look for and how to report phishing emails.

Can I put in any number of cell phones I want as authentication devices for Duo? Can I put in someone else’s phone?

For more information on adding more phones to your Duo Security account, click on this article.

Does Duo work on a non-Bucknell computer?

Yes, it does. For more information, click on this article.

Email Address FAQ

Examples of email addresses in use at Bucknell

Help! I did NOT setup Bucknell Account Management recovery information or my recovery information is not valid and my password expired!

If you are unable to reset your password because there is an issue with your recovery information, please follow this article.

Help! I forgot my Bucknell password, or I need to reset my password

Instructions for when you forgot your password or you need to reset it.

How do I access Bucknell resources if I lose access to my Duo multi-factor authentication device?

Students can use Duo SOS to get a one-time emergency passcode. Faculty, staff, and students may stop by the Tech Desk to be issued a code generator during staff hours (ID required).

How do I adjust my Duo settings so that it asks me to choose an authentication method?

If you have Duo automatically call you, or automatically send you a push, you have limited options for authenticating. Follow this article to change your Duo setting back to "Ask me to choose an authentication method.

How do I authenticate to Duo Security without a cell signal?

Instruction on how to use Duo with no cellphone signal.

How do I claim my Bucknell account?

Instructions for claiming your Bucknell account.

How do I find large email messages?

Find large email messages

How do I login to Duo Security to change my default configurations?

Instructions for updating your default Duo Security configurations.

How do I resolve the Duo Security white screen issue?

This article assist with resolving the blank Duo Security display issue.

How do I self enroll in Duo Security?

If you are not currently enrolled in Duo Security and want to be, follow these instructions.

How do I use Duo Security with a Yubikey?

Instructions for authenticating with a yubikey.

How do I use Duo Security with LastPass?

Instructions for securing your LastPass account with Duo Security.

How many people can I email at a time in Bmail?

Volume and content guidance for large mailings

How much space do I have on the Linux systems (i.e. unixspace)?

Instructions for viewing used space on Linux public lab and linuxremote systems.

I just used Duo to log in a couple minutes ago. Why is it asking me to do it again?

For more information on why you may be prompted for Duo after logging in a few minutes ago, click on this article.

Name Change FAQ

Legal and preferred name change instructions.

New Employee FAQ

Instructions for new employees

New Faculty Accounts & Computers

Information about new faculty accounts.

Separating Employee Information & Communication

Information for faculty and staff who retire or resign from employment.

Should I approve every Duo Security login request?

If you are in the process of logging into a Bucknell resource, approve that request to use the system. If you are not, do not approve. For more information, click on this article.

Troubleshooting Duo issues

Is Duo not working right? We have some tips to troubleshoot those issues.

What are the rules for my Bucknell password?

Description of password rules.

What do I need to set up in Bucknell Account Management?

Everyone should set up a Recovery Email Address and a Recovery Cell Phone Number in Bucknell Account Management. Click on this article for more information.

When does my Bucknell password expire?

Password rules are dependant on several factors (BAM and Duo). Click on this article for more information.