How do I self enroll in Duo Security?

Duo Security Self Enrollment

Add your first device - smartphone recommended

Note: You must have your smartphone in your possession and be in a location that has cell phone signal or wireless access to complete these instructions.

  1. Click the Self Enrollment link.
  2. Click Start setup.

  3.  Click the radio button in front of the type of device you are enrolling.  Mobile phone is recommended. Press Continue.

  4. Enter the mobile number for the smartphone.

  5. Verify that the phone number is correct and check the box.  Press Continue.

  6. Choose to verify the number with a phone call or text message.  Enter the verification code and press Verify.

  7. After the verification is complete, press Continue.

  8. Click Device Options to setup Duo Mobile or change the device name.
  9. Click Reactivate Duo Mobile.

  10. Select the operating system of the phone. Press Continue.

  11. Install Duo Mobile on your smartphone from the Apple Apps Store or the Google Play Store.  Press I have Duo Mobile installed.

  12. On your smartphone, follow the prompts to install Duo Mobile.  If asked, give Duo Mobile permission to use the camera.  Click the Key+ icon to add the barcode.  Point the smartphone camera at the barcode. Duo Mobile will automatically add the connection when the smartphone camera sees the barcode.

  13. When the green check mark displays on the barcode, press Continue.


Add your Office or Home Phone

Note: You must be able to answer your office or home phone number during this process.  Do not add a phone that you cannot answer.

  1. To add an additional device, such as your office phone, home phone, lab phone, or tablet, click Add another device.

  2. Select Landline and press Continue.

  3.  Enter your office or home telephone number.  Verify the number is correct and click the checkbox.  Press Continue.

  4. Duo Security will now call your landline.  Listen to the automated voice and enter the 6-digit code in the verification box.  Press Verify.  Press Continue.

  5. If you add multiple devices, determine which one will be the default.  Use the drop down menu next to Default Device to highlight your default.

Note: You will be able to use any of your devices when you login, but the default will appear at the top of the list.

Students only: If you have an urgent circumstance where you have lost access to your multi-factor authentication device, you may enter your Bucknell credentials here  for a one-time use Duo emergency passcode.



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