How do I reactivate Duo Mobile when I get a new phone?

When you get a new phone, you normally have the same number, but you need to reactivate the Duo Mobile app so that you can receive a Push notification.

First, download and install the Duo Mobile app on your new phone.

Then go to this web page:

1. Click on the link on the left (under the large orange and blue Bucknell "B") that says My Settings and Devices. It'll ask you to authenticate, so have Duo give you a call. Once authenticated, you'll see your various devices.


2. Click on the "Device Options" button to the right of your new iPhone or Android. Once you click on that button, you should see an option to Reactivate Duo Mobile.


3. Select "I have Duo Mobile installed".

a. If the app is not currently installed on your device, use your device app store to install it.


4. Open your Duo Mobile App (enable camera if asked).

a. If you have an account, click on the account and scan the QR code.

b. If you do not have an account listed click on Add Account and scan the QR code. 


5. Duo Mobile account successfully added. 

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