How do I get 10 passcodes via text message?

The Duo authentication screen will text 10 single use passcodes to your cell phone. You may choose to write down your passcodes for use when you are not near your phone. If you do please keep these codes in a secure location. 

  1. When you are logging into Bmail or myBucknell,  press Enter a Passcode. (note: if you have it set to automatically send you a push, hit Cancel)
  2. In the blue box at the bottom of the login window, press Text me new codes.  The codes will be texted to your cell phone.
  3. You will receive 10 codes.  You must use them in order. Write them down if you will not have access to your cell phone when you need to use the codes. NOTE: You may wish to write down your codes and store them in a safe location, just in case you lose your smartphone.
  4. Enter a code in the box and press Log In.

Note: Students have access to Duo SOS to generate a one-time emergency passcode to use when all other forms of authentication are unavailable or not working. The emergency passcodes should be put in the passcode field in Duo Security. 


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