How do I use Duo Security to login to a website?

If you are a Duo Security user and you are logging on to a web page that uses Duo, you will be prompted to authenticate with your smartphone.

  1. Go to the webpage and click the appropriate link.  For example, if you want to login to Bmail, click on Bmail. 2016-01-07_11-28-47

  2. Enter your Bucknell username and password.

  3. On the Multifactor Authentication dialog box, press the button for the type of authentication you want to use. 
    1. If your default device is not available to you, use the drop down menu to select an alternate device.  For example, if your cell phone battery is dead, use the drop down menu to select another telephone.
    2. If you need to use phone call, press Call Me.
    3. If you need to use a passcode, press Enter a Passcode.
  4. 2016-01-07_11-29-42

  5. Approve the connection with your smartphone.
  6. You are logged in!  Use the system as you normally would. 2016-01-07_11-31-12


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