How do I adjust my Duo settings so that it asks me to choose an authentication method?

We highly recommend that you set up Duo multi-factor authentication with this setting:

If you have Duo automatically call you, or automatically send you a push, you have limited options for authenticating (for example, if you have it automatically call you, and you were in a place without cell service, you wouldn't be able to authenticate with Duo).

In order to change this setting, you need to change your Duo configuration. You can go to myBucknell and click on Profile and Accounts under your name in the top left. Under Accounts, click on Duo Configuration.

You'll see the standard login page. Click on My Settings and Devices on the left side of the menu.


You'll get a prompt that will say that you have to confirm that it's really you, so you can send yourself a push or call. At that point, you'll be at a screen with your devices, and at the bottom of the page, you'll have the option to change your setting regarding what to do when you log in. Click Save once you've made your changes.

On this screen, you can also change your device name by clicking on Device Options, or change your default device, or delete a device that you no longer own, or add a new device.

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