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Is Duo not working right? We have some tips to troubleshoot those issues.
Duo Security is a multi-factor authentication (MFA) service
Instructions for faculty, staff or student who may be encountering Duo Security for the very first time.
Instructions for reactivating Duo Mobile when you get a new phone.
This article provides information on the types of devices you can use with Duo Security.
Instruction on how to use Duo with no cellphone signal.
For instruction on accessing Bucknell resources from off-campus as well as faculty online instruction guides and student resources, follow this ask article.
This article assist with resolving the blank Duo Security display issue.
Password rules are dependant on several factors (BAM and Duo). Click on this article for more information.
If you are in the process of logging into a Bucknell resource, approve that request to use the system. If you are not, do not approve. For more information, click on this article.
Instructions for securing your LastPass account with Duo Security.
Instructions for using Duo Security to login to Bucknell resources like myBucknell, Banner, Bmail, etc.
If you are not currently enrolled in Duo Security and want to be, follow these instructions.
If you have Duo automatically call you, or automatically send you a push, you have limited options for authenticating. Follow this article to change your Duo setting back to "Ask me to choose an authentication method.
If you get a new phone, but you're keeping the same phone number, it's easy to re-activate Duo Mobile by following these steps.