How do I record a Zoom session and make the recording available on Moodle?

Recording a Zoom Session

Zoom Help Center offers several articles for recording a zoom session. It is recommended to use cloud recording but if you do not want to store your recording to the cloud you may opt for local recording. Cloud recording can take time to process due to the high demand of Zoom. 

  1. Cloud Recording
  2. Local Recording

Sharing your Recording from Zoom

Here’s how you share a meeting recording directly from Zoom:

  1. Log into your Zoom account at and select Recordings on the left side of the screen.

  2. Click Share next to the recording you want to share.

  3. Select your preferred privacy settings for the recording. "Internally" means only people logged into a Bucknell Zoom account can see it.

  4. Copy the link and paste it into an email to share it with your colleague(s).

Make Zoom Recording Available on Moodle

Once the recording is processed to the cloud (or locally), download the video from the cloud and moving that recording to Mediaspace. Once the Zoom recording is uploaded to Mediaspace, Faculty can make the video unlisted and can choose to "Add Activity or Resource in Moodle", then add Kaltura multimedia resource.

For more in-depth steps on uploading, publishing and sharing videos using Mediaspace, we recommend the following article: 

Mediaspace, My Media Upload & Publishing Guide

Note: L&IT recommends uploading to Mediaspace for security reasons. By default, videos uploaded to Mediaspace are set to "Private" (viewable by the individual that uploaded the video) and cannot be downloaded by those who have access to view the video, but that setting can be changed in the Mediaspace menu as needed. 

Managing Cloud Recordings

It is recommended you save your recordings to the cloud. We also recommend the following steps for managing your cloud recordings. 

  1. Download your recording once it is processed. 
  2. Delete your recording from the cloud after you download (due to limited space on the cloud).
  3. If you choose not to download your recording, please review the Manage Cloud Recordings article from Zoom which includes "password protect".


More Information

For more information on Zoom and Mediaspace, we recommend the following L&IT Ask articles:

Zoom FAQ

Kaltura / Mediaspace FAQ

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