Windows Computer Replacement Process

If you are a faculty or staff member scheduled to receive a new Windows computer as part of the annual computer replacement process, please review the following information.

Day Before Replacement

Your computer must be in your office and on your desk no later than 8:00 pm the day before your replacement is scheduled. 

  • Turn your computer off, but plugged into the power supply.
  • Leave all Bucknell provided peripherals and power supplies with the machine.

Day of Replacement

On the day of your replacement, the technician will arrive at your desk to pick up your old computer.

  • The technician will pick up your old computer very early in the morning (prior to the start of your work day)
  • Technology Support will move all your data (documents and files) to your new computer.  Applications cannot be moved to your new computer.
  • If you must use a computer while your replacement is in progress, use a student workstation or lab computer.

Day After Replacement

  • The technician will deliver your new computer to your office by noon the next day. If your computer replacement is on a Friday, your new machine will be delivered the following Monday.
  • While you are ON CAMPUS:
    • You must logon to your new computer while you are on campus.
    • Sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud - Adobe Creative Cloud for Faculty and Staff
    • Install software from Ivanti Portal Manager - What is Ivanti Portal Manager?
    • You will need to install any unique software or devices attached to your computer.  Please allow enough time to install any programs you may need after the upgrade. Note: you will need to run Make Me Admin before installing software other than from Portal Manager. What is Make Me Admin?
    • Code42 will automatically start backing up after logging into the computer
      • If you are concerned about your back up please reach out to the tech desk. 

Additional Information for the Day after Replacement

USB-C Monitor

If you received a usb-c monitor, take a look at the USB-C Monitor FAQ to find features and connections guide. 


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