Make Me Admin & Privileges FAQ

As incidents involving Ransomware have continued to grow, not only in Higher Education but in public and private sectors as well, we must continue to put pieces in place to help mitigate this risk. The number one agreed-upon method in the fight against Ransomware is the proper management of local administrator rights on machines. With this in mind, Library & IT has decided to deploy Make Me Admin for Windows and Privileges for Mac on all Bucknell-owned computers. As a result, all administrator accounts will become standard users on their Bucknell-owned computer.  

What is the difference between a standard user account and an administrative account?

An administrative account allows full access to the computer at all times. A standard user account can run multiple programs but cannot install software or make system changes. 

Why make everyone a standard user?

It is best practice to run as a standard user and only request admin rights when needed to install software. As a standard user, if you clicked on a malicious link that attempted to install malicious software it would not be allowed to install because you are not an administrator. As an administrator, clicking on the same link would install the malicious software, oftentimes without your knowledge, and put your computer at risk. Make Me Admin and Privileges allow users to temporarily ask for admin rights for a short period of time while remaining a standard user the rest of the time.

How would I install software as a standard user?

If you need to install software (including from Portal Manager) you will need to open the Make Me Admin software for Windows or Privileges software for Mac and request access. 

For instructions on requesting admin rights on Windows:

For instructions on requesting admin rights on a Mac:

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