New Employee FAQ

New Faculty & Staff - Prior to First Day of Employement

Please take a few minutes to setup the following prior to your first day of employment.

1. BAM - Bucknell Account Management
Locate the email message that contains the instructions for setting up your Bucknell account. Log into to add your recovery phone number and email address, configure your recovery questions, create your Bucknell password, and select a friendly email alias. 
Bucknell Account Management FAQ

2. Duo Security - Multifactor Authentication
Go to to configure Duo Security. Library & IT recommends that you setup the Duo mobile app on your smartphone, if you have one. 
Duo Security FAQ

If you have a smartphone (iPhone or Android), please install these two apps from the iPhone or Android phone store:
- Bucknell University Mobile App
- Workday Mobile App

When you arrive on campus for your first day of employment, you will need to:
- Know your Bucknell username and password.
- Bring your smartphone with the Duo, Workday, and Bucknell University mobile apps installed.
- If you do not have a smartphone, bring your cell phone.

New Faculty & Staff - First Day of Employement

Android Connect to WiFi -
iPhone Connect to WiFi -
B-Alert: Configure the emergency notification system -
Parking: Request a Permit -
Bmail: Add your photo -
Bmail: Create a Bucknell signature -
Calendar: Add your working hours -
Calendar: Setup sharing -
Training: Begin online training in EDGE -

As you begin using your Bucknell-owned computer, please configure the following:
Computer Backup Setup Code42 Crashplan -
Printers Installation instructions for Windows -
Printers Installation instructions for Mac -
Software Installation instructions -


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