How do I add a departmental printer to a university-owned Windows computer on campus?

Bucknell-owned Machines

Due to security policies, Bucknell-owned machines will need to have administrative rights prior to following the instructions below. Find Make Me Admin in programs and select Grant Me Administrator Rights.


Add Departmental Printers

All of the printers are on one of the following print servers:

\\print-1 (HP printers only)

\\print-2 (HP printers only)

\\print-3 (Canon printers only)

In order to add a printer, simply click in the search box next to the start menu, type in one of the print servers listed above, and hit Enter. You'll see a list of printers available to you listed by building. (If you don't see your HP printer on \\print-1, try \\print-2.) Double click on the printer that you'd like to add.

For example, if you wanted to add one of the printers on the 3rd floor of Academic West, you would type \\print-3 in the search box and hit Enter, then double click on the printer from the list.


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