How do I login to Duo Security to change my default configurations?

If you need to delete a phone, add a new mobile device, or change the priority of your devices, you can login to Duo Security at

You will need to authenticate with your current cell phone, smartphone, desk phone, or tablet before you add or re-order your devices.

Note: If you use the VPN, it will automatically contact your default device when you connect to the VPN.  Your default device must be the one necessary for the VPN to authenticate when you are off-campus.

Change the default order of your devices:

  1. Click the link above.
  2. Select My Settings & Devices and then authenticate with one of your current devices. 
  3. Select your default device from the drop down menu
  4. Press Save


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Tue 1/14/20 3:14 PM
Mon 2/24/20 1:24 PM