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Pinned Article Direct Links Guide

If you need direct access to a system during an outage or upgrade, you may be able to use another link. Click on this article for more information.

How can I find help with Workday?

Instructions for accessing Workday's job aids and videos can be found in this article.

How do I access the AWS Banner Environments when I'm working remotely?

Instructions for remote staff accessing SIG Banner.

How do I get a Qualtrics acccount?

Instructions for creating a Qualtrics account.

How do I install EMS on my Mac?

Instructions for installing EMS on a Mac.

How do I launch my EDGE training?

Launch training content in EDGE

How do I log into Banner?

Instructions for logging into Banner

How do I reboot the Accutime clock?

Instructions for rebooting the Accutime clock.

How do I securely FTP to Netspace with my Windows computer?

Bucknell requires the use of a secure FTP program in order to access Netspace from off campus. We recommend using NetSarang Xftp. This article describes how to configure Xftp to connect to Netspace.

How do I setup the biometric login to Workday?

Instructions for setting up the biometric login to Workday.

How do I use the MariaDB (MySQL) server?

Follow this article to learn more about database servers and how to use MaraDB server

How do I view hidden files on a Mac?

Instructions for viewing hidden files on a mac.

How to resolve issues when signing into Blackbaud?

If you are having issues logging into Blackbaud, there are a couple of things that you should try before calling for Tech Support. Click on the article for more information.

I deleted some of my Netspace files by accident. How do I get them back?

Click on this article for information on how to restore your files in Netspace.

What is Workday?

To learn more about workday click on this article.