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Zoom information - instructions, licensing, hardware, usage

Can I get a list of participants who attended my Zoom meeting?

Instructions for exporting a list of participants in Zoom.

Can someone else host my Zoom meeting?

Instructions for Zoom alternative and co-hosts.

Classroom and Lab Software

Lists software installed on Windows, Mac and Linux labs and classrooms as well as the software that can be requested for labs and classrooms.

How can students, faculty and staff access Adobe software in campus labs and classrooms?

Instructions for students, faculty and staff using Adobe software in labs.

How do I add languages to a keyboard in a lab?

Instructions for changing the keyboard language (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) in a lab.

How do I create a PDF in a lab or classroom?

Create a pdf in a lab or classroom.

How do I install, configure, and update the Zoom Desktop Client?

Install and configure the Zoom Desktop Client

How do I login to Zoom on my smartphone?

Sign into Zoom on a smartphone.

How do I login to Zoom on the web?

Bucknell students, faculty and staff can use zoom using their Bmail account. Follow this article for more information on how to download and install zoom on your computer.

How do I login to Zoom?

Instructions on logging into Zoom

How do I record a Zoom session and make the recording available on Moodle?

This article details steps for recording and making available Zoom recordings.

How do I run Solver on a lab computer?

Instructions for running Solver on a lab computer.

How do I schedule office hours with Zoom?

Set up office hours with Zoom.

How do I set up Zoom for multiple private appointments?

Instructions for a Zoom meeting using the Waiting room.

How do I setup my Zoom account?

Instructions for setting up a Zoom account

How do I test my Zoom settings before a meeting?

Follow this article to learn how to do a zoom test meeting.

How do I use Solstice to project?

Instructions for Solstice.

I am a faculty member using clickers in my course. How do I prepare for using the clickers this semester?

Planning on using clickers in this semester in your course? These instructions will prepare you for your first clicker use.

What equipment do I need to join a Zoom meeting?

Equipment needed for a Zoom meeting.

What is a Zoom Webinar?

Information about Zoom Webinars

Which webcam works best with Zoom?

Zoom webcam recommendations

Windows 11 Start Menu and Audio Selection Options in Labs and Classrooms

In fall 2023, all labs and classrooms moved to Windows 11. This article is designed to assist professors who might be unfamiliar with Windows 11 and who need to select audio outputs, find applications, or log off/restart computers.

Zoom Security Best Practices

Instructions for using Zoom securely