Collaboration Tools Overview

Online collaboration tools provide many new options to collaborate on projects, collect, create and organize information. Library & IT recognizes that Bucknell students, faculty and staff need to collaborate with each other and colleagues in other locations.

If you are not sure which collaboration tool will work for your needs, please submit a ticket for a consultation. 

How do you need to collaborate?

Chat or Instant Messaging

Video Conferencing/Meeting

Social Platform

Content Collaboration/File Sharing

Collaborative Work Management Site

Website Creation


Description of Each Collaboration Tool

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts allows users to chat one on one with direct messages or chat as a group (150 or less). Hangouts Chat is integrated into Bmail. Users can log into Bmail to access Google Hangouts or download the app. Consider Google Hangouts if you want an instant messaging experience that also allows for group chat, file sharing, video and audio calls. For more information on Google Hangouts, go to the What is Google Hangouts? Ask LIT article. 

*Included in G-Suite
*Mobile App


Slack is a chat service that allows users to create unlimited channels to organize communications by projects, departments, sub-departments, etc. The free version of Slack allows the most recent 10,000 messages to be indexed and searched. Notifications can be personalized and conversations can be muted. Users also have the ability to join and leave channels. Consider Slack if you are looking for a searchable chat room (channels) type experience that allows both internal and external participants as well as private chat, file sharing and a mobile application. For more information on the free version of Slack, go to

*No license, use free version
*Mobile and Desktop App


If your team or group needs a dedicated space that gives you the option to create a task list, share files, chat, check-in, create a calendar, etc. The Basecamp tool is a great tool to combine all of these features. Consider using Basecamp if you or your team want one location to access the tools you need. To request a Basecamp instance, please submit a ticket.

*Bucknell license


Zoom is web conference or video conference software that allows meeting participants (up to 300) to see each other, talk to each other, type in a chat window, share their computer screen, share documents or an application, and record meetings. Zoom is Bucknell's standard video and audio conferencing software. For more information on Zoom, go to the Zoom FAQ Ask LIT article. 

*Bucknell license
*Mobile and Desktop App

Google Meet

Google Meet is web conference or video conference software that allows meeting participants to see each other, talk to each other, share their computer screen, chat, share documents or an application, and record a meeting. Google Meet currently supports up to 100 participants. For more information on Google Meet, go to the Hangouts Meet FAQ Ask LIT article. 

*Bucknell license
*Mobile App

Google Drive

All Bucknell students, faculty, staff have unlimited cloud file storage with Google Drive. Google Drive allows users to store, share and access files from any device, as well as have access to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Consider Google Drive to store and share files if you want to be able to access files from any device without the need for a VPN. For more information on Google Drive, go to the What is Google Drive? Ask LIT article. 

*Included in G-Suite
*Mobile App

Shared Drive

Shared Drive is an organization folder within your Google Drive. Files within this folder are owned by the organization rather than an individual user. Consider using Shared Drive for teams/groups that want to store and collaborate on documents. For more information on Shared Drives and requesting a Shared Drive, go to the Using Google Shared (Team) Drives Ask LIT article. 

*Included in G-Suite
*Mobile App


Wordpress is an online website creation and publication tool. Users can start a blog or website in seconds. Faculty are strongly encouraged to use Wordpress for professional webpages. For more information on Wordpress, go to the How do I create a website? Ask LIT article. 

*Bucknell license

Google Sites

Google Sites is a website creation and publication tool that allows users to create simple websites with multiple collaborators. For more information on Google Sites, go to the How do I create a website? Ask LIT article. 

*Included in G-Suite


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