How do I create a website?

Faculty and staff may wish to create a web page to share information about their scholarship, research, or teaching. If you'd like to create a website, you can do so easily using Bucknell's WordPress instance or Google Sites. You can also use Moodle for a course page. (Note; students can also create websites through WordPress or Sites.)

If you want to create a searchable professional profile of your publications, you might consider creating a Selected Works Profile page as part of Bucknell's Digital Commons Institutional Repository. In the Links section on the left-hand side of that page, you can click on Create a SelectedWorks Page to create an account with bepress. Once you have created the account, you can add your profile (and publications) to our digital repository.

NOTE: Official pages, such as Bucknell University's home page or a departmental pages, such as Biology, are created and maintained by Communications. Please contact Communications if you have questions about an official website for the university or a department.


We strongly encourage faculty members to use our WordPress instance to create professional Web pages. If you choose to be part of the "Bucknell Scholar" domain, your Web site will have a URL that ends with "," as in "" (for example). To begin creating your WordPress site, navigate to, and click the "Login" button on the right side of the page.

For assistance go to Bucknell Blogs Help.

Google Sites

How to use Google Sites


If you are a faculty member, you may choose to use Moodle to create an online presence for your classes.


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