Gradescope FAQ

What is Gradescope?

Gradescope is a tool designed to streamline the grading and feedback process for paper-based, digital, and code assignments. It works particularly well with handwritten complex notation, but can also facilitate multiple choice assessments. In Gradescope, students can upload handwritten paper problem sets that are then graded by the instructor in an online interface.

Why use Gradescope?

Using Gradescope helps instructors grade complex problem sets faster, more consistently, and with detailed feedback. As instructors give feedback and dynamically create their rubric, any changes will retroactively update previously graded submissions. Gradescope also supplies detailed analytics to help identify where your students might be struggling with content. Rosters and grades also can sync with Moodle, making management of student information easier.

How do I get access to Gradescope?

To log into gradescope, go to, choose to log in using your school credentials. Find Bucknell in the list of schools and then use your Bucknell credentials to log in.

How do I link from Moodle to my Gradescope course?

With our Gradescope LTI 1.3 connection, you now have the ability to link directly from Moodle to a specific Gradescope assignment.  These instructions (link opens in new window) explain how to create that link. 

How do I sync my Moodle roster with Gradescope?

Gradescope allows you to sync your roster with Moodle, so that all students enrolled in your Moodle course get added to your Gradescope course as well. Please see these instructions (link opens in new window) to help you sync your roster between the two systems.

How do I post my Gradescope grades to my corresponding Moodle course?

Gradescope includes the possibility of posting your assignment grades to a corresponding assignment within your Moodle course. Please see these instructions (link opens in new window) that explain the syncing process in detail.

Gradescope Webinars

Follow the links to get on demand access


  1. Gradescope New User Webinar

    • A workshop covering Gradescope workflow in face to face classes (targeting instructors who want to use Gradescope for the first time and those who used Gradescope in an online environment).
    • On Demand Access to Recording
  2. Gradescope Programming Workshop

    • The first 15 minutes of this session is used to go over how to set up a programming assignment in Gradescope. The remainder of the session is Q&A.
    • On Demand Access to Recording

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