How do I post my Gradescope grades to my corresponding Moodle course?

These instructions assume that you are using the new LTI 1.3 integration between Moodle and Gradescope, which allows you to link directly from Moodle to a specific Gradescope assignment.  If you are using the older LTI 1.0 External Tool method of linking your Moodle course with your Gradescope course, then you want to see these instructions instead, which describe how to post your grades to Moodle when you are using a hidden Moodle Assignment. 

  1. If you have created a direct link from Moodle to a specific Gradescope assignment, as these instructions explain (link opens in new window), then you'll want to click on that Gradescope 1.3 assignment link to go directly to the assignment in your Gradescope course. 

  2. We are assuming that you have already graded the assignment in Gradescope and published the grades.  At the bottom of the assignment page in Gradescope, you will see a "Post Grades to Moodle" button.  Click on that button to begin the process of sending the Gradescope grades to the corresponding item in your Moodle course:

    Post Grades to Moodle

  3. Gradescope will open a dialog box with specific information about the course and the linked assignment in Moodle.  Click on the "Post Grades" button to send those grades to your Moodle course:

    Post Grades to Moodle Dialog Box

  4. Gradescope will show the progress of the syncing of grades via a progress bar.  When the process finishes, Gradescope will add a message that the grades were successfully posted to Moodle.  You can then click on the "Close" button to close out the dialog box:

    Grades posted to Moodle

  5. You will be returned to the assignment grading page in Gradescope. 


Congratulations! Your Gradescope assignment score is now synced with your Moodle gradebook! You will need to repeat this process for any other assignment grades that you wish to sync with Moodle.

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