How do I sync my Moodle roster with Gradescope so that all my students are enrolled in my Gradescope course? (LTI 1.3 version)

  1. We actually upgraded our connection between Moodle and Gradescope, so you can now directly link from Moodle to a specific Gradescope assignment.  Before syncing your roster, you will first want to add a direct link from your Moodle course to your first Gradescope assignment.  See these instructions (link opens in new window) for more information.
  2. Once you have created the link from your Moodle course to your Gradescope assignment, click on that link to go to Gradescope.
  3. If you linked directly to a Gradescope assignment, you'll want to click on the link at the top left to return to your Gradescope course:

    Return to Gradescope Course

  4. On the left-hand side of your Gradescope page, you'll see a "Roster" link.  Click on that link to see your current roster in Gradescope:

    Gradescope Roster

  5. At the bottom of that "Course Roster" page will be a "Sync Moodle Roster" button.  Click on that button to begin the process of adding your Moodle students to your Gradescope course:

    Sync Moodle Roster

  6. Once you click on the Sync Moodle Roster button, you will see a dialog box (pictured below).  We suggest de-selecting the  "Let new users know that they were added to the course" check box, since students don't really need that reminder.  Once you have removed that check mark, click on the "Sync Roster" button:

    Select course to link

  7. Gradescope will show you a progress bar as it adds students to your course, and then it will return you to your "Course Roster" page with a list of the students now enrolled in your Gradescope course. 


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