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Abuse Report

Report violations of information security policies or other types of technology abuse.

Access Modification

Request changes to your access tied to your Bucknell account.

Administrative System Access

Request an account or access to one or more of Bucknell's Administrative Systems.

Administrative Systems - Other

Request assistance with other administrative systems on campus.

Administrative Systems Access Requests

Request access or change access to one of Bucknell's administrative systems: Banner, EPM11, etc.

Annual Computer Replacement Process - Departmental/Private Lab

Request secondary computer(s) for departmental and/or private lab usage

Assessment planning and rubric development

Staff from Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship are available to help with assessment of technology projects, modules and assignments.



Request assistance with Banner or Banner Web/Banner Self-Service.


Request assistance with B-buy

Bison Laptop Program

Information about the Bison Laptop Program.


Request assistance with Bmail, Bucknell's Email Service

Bmail Calendar

Request assistance with Bmail's Calendar.

Borrow Equipment

Reserve tech and media equipment from the equipment services desk in the library.

B-travel (Concur)

Request assistance with B-travel (Concur).

Bucknell Account Question/Issue

Submit a request or a question about your Bucknell computing account

BUI/Data Warehouse

Request assistance with the BUI tools (Cognos, Tableau) or the data warehouse.


Chat with a Librarian

Get live help with a quick question from a librarian.

Chat with a Librarian

Get live help with a quick question from a librarian.

Class Video Projects

Our Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship Specialist for Video is happy to meet with Faculty to discuss student multimedia projects.

Classroom Walkthrough Request

Learn how to use the technology installed in your classroom or computer lab. Request we contact you to schedule a 10-15 minute on-site, hands-on session, with a classroom support technician. Please include several times/dates that you are available, and we'll try to schedule an appointment when the room is free.

Closed Captioning for Video Content

Contact us to inquire about captioning your video.


Request assistance with Cognos.

Compromised Account

Report a compromised account.

Consulting & General Information

Need help or would like advice on how to best solve your technology problem. Request our assistance.

Course Blogs

Request assistance or information about a course blog.

Course Wikis

Request information or assistance on Course Wikis.


Data Request from Development & Alumni Relations

Use this form for all your DAR data needs. Advancement Information Services (AIS) will review each request and someone from our team will contact you. AIS requires at least 5 days to complete your request. If necessary, we will contact you to discuss details and determine if we require more time.

Departmental Computer

Ask a question or report a problem concerning a departmental computer.

Departmental Printing

Faculty and staff can request assistance with a departmental printer.

Digital Media Projects

Our Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship Specialist for Video is happy to meet with Faculty to discuss student multimedia projects.

Digital Pedagogy (Instructional Technology)

Bucknell is helping faculty develop innovative ways to apply digital technology to teaching, creating unique and powerful learning experiences for students. Bucknell students, in turn, are building robust portfolios of creative and scholarly digital work.

Digital Scholarship

Bucknell digital scholarship is using leading-edge technologies and innovative methods to explore and communicate ideas in new ways, ones that expand the traditional notion of “text.”

Digital Scholarship Center Events

The Digital Scholarship Center hosts a variety of technology demonstrations, brown bag discussions, faculty working groups and other events designed to help faculty and students learn to integrate digital methods into teaching, learning and research.

Digital Scholarship Conference

Bucknell University, with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, hosts an annual digital scholarship conference.

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is the process of creating a personal account of an event or moment that significantly influenced or changed your life. The digital story is told through the “I” narrative and expresses emotions in a direct way that connects your story with an audience.

Digital Video Editing Lab

Faculty and students have a dedicated video editing lab and an audio recording booth where they can work on their digital media and video projects.

Document Imaging

Request assistance with Document Imaging (NOLIJ).



EDGE – Educate, Develop, Grow Excel is an online training system available for faculty and staff members.

Emergency Technical Assistance

Call 570-577-3435 for Emergency Technical Assistance during a class or event.

Engineering Linux

Request access to the Engineering Linux services or ask a question about your account.

Enterprise Reporting (EPM/Hyperion)

Request assistance with Enterprise Reporting (EPM/Hyperion).


WordPress is widely used on campus for the creation of ePortfolios.  Contact us to inquire how we can help setup a ePortfolio for your class, major, or department.

Equipment Desk Computer

Report a problem with a computer from the equipment desk.

Equipment Move Request

Library & IT is responsible for moving computers between offices or within an office or office complex.

E-Resource Issue

Report an issue accessing an E-Resource such as an online journal, database, or ebook



Filelocker is a secure file transfer site. You can use it to share files with other people or ask that someone share a file with you.

Final Cut Pro

Ask questions or request help with Final Cut Pro.

Flipped Classrooms/Hybrid Learning

The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed.

Follow-me Printing (Pharos)

Follow-Me Printing is a great system that allows you to print from a variety of computers and then release your print job with your Bucknell ID card.

Friendly Email Address

Setup your friendly email address.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for exploratory investigations and research

Our GIS specialists can provide assistance with your GIS needs.

Get Help from Development & Alumni Relations

Is your question not addressed by the forms above? Click here!

Get Help from Library & IT

Report a non-urgent technology problem or submit a request to L&IT. For urgent issues, please call 570-577-7777.

Gladys Brooks Fund Request

Form for requesting Gladys Brook funds

Google Apps (G Suite) Assistance

Request assistance with Google Apps (G Suite) including - Drive, Docs, Sheets, Hangouts, Slides, Forms and more.

Google Group Issue

Report an issue or ask a question about your existing Google group.

Google Groups Training

Request training on how to use the Google Groups tool to setup an email alias, discussion group or group email.

Grant Purchased Computer

Ask a question or report a problem concerning a grant purchased computer.


Information Literacy Instruction

Library & IT instructional programs promote lifelong learning and develop information literacy skills and technological competency through teaching users to seek, find, evaluate, and use information efficiently and ethically.

Information Security Policies

Links to Library & IT's information security policies.

Instructional Design

Staff members from Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship are available to help faculty create instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge and skill more efficient, effective, and appealing for students.


Lab & Classroom Software Install Request

Software installation request for labs and classrooms

*Please note that installed software is removed every summer to keep our computer systems fresh and up-to-date. Therefore, software installation requests must be made annually and before the end of classes to guarantee installation for the requested semester(s). Additionally, cross-platform software install requests must be made separately.

Learn something new... Try

Try - an ever-growing library of video tutorials on software products.

Lecture Capture

Bucknell has a variety of tools to help capture course sessions.  Contact us in Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship to help determine the best way to record your sessions.

Library & Information Technology Grants

Library & IT offers a number of grants to support faculty.

Linux Computing Cluster

The Linux Computing Cluster is a group of Linux servers set up for the purpose of running computationally intensive jobs. Online Training

Try - an ever-growing library of video tutorials on technology tools.


Make a Reservation

Make a reservation for your event that requires event technology services


Request assistance with malware on a Bucknell-owned machine.

Manage your Bucknell Password

Access the password management tool to setup or update security questions, change your password or reset a forgotten password.

Microgrant Request for Digital Scholarship

Form used for submitting microgrant requests

Mobile Apps/Web

Request assistance with Bucknell's mobile web site, iOS app or Android app.

Modify Permission

Request a modification to permissions on a Netspace folder.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Request to have multi-factor authentication enabled for your account or report an issue with your multi-factor authentication.

myBucknell Web Page or Form

Request assistance with myBucknell web pages and forms.

myBucknell Dashboard

Request assistance with your myBucknell dashboard.


Netspace Question

Submit a request or a question about file storage on Netspace

New Journal or Database Subscription

Faculty only: Request a new journal or database subscription


Office Computer Software Install Request

Form for requesting specialty software for installation on Bucknell office computer

Other Reporting issues

Request assistance with other reporting tools.

Outage and Alert Center

See the current status of systems including Email, Banner, Moodle and the campus network.


Parking System (AIMS)

Request assistance with Parking System (AIMS).

Password Reset Issue

Request assistance with changing or retrieving your Bucknell password.

Phone Feature Changes

Request to have a feature on your phone changed.

Phone Resources

Resources for students and faculty and staff about phones on campus.


Staff from Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship are happy to meet with Faculty to discuss student podcast assignments.

Publishing and Scholarly Communication

Students: Submit your honors or master's thesis.
Faculty/Staff: Upload your scholarly articles.


Qualtrics Account Services

Request changes to your Qualtrics account such as a quote increase, increased survey limits, permissions, groups, etc.

Qualtrics Training/Assistance

Request assistance in creating an online survey. Qualtrics

Quota Increase

Request an increase on your Netspace quota.


Report a Campus Phone Issue

Report an issue or problem you are having with you campus phone.

Report a Classroom/Lab Printer Problem

Report an issue with a classroom or computer lab printer including toner and paper replacement requests, jamming, other issues.

Report a Classroom/Lab printing issue

Report an issue with a printer in a classroom or computer lab.

Report a Computer Issue

Report an issue with a computer in a classroom or computer lab.

Report a Network Issue

Submit an issue with the network in a classroom or computer lab.

Report a Printing Issue

Submit an issue with a printer in a classroom or computer lab.

Report a Suspicious Email

Did you receive a suspicious email? Report as spam or verify with the Tech Desk here.

Report an AV Equipment Issue

Report an issue with AV equipment in a classroom or computer lab.

Report an Issue to Development & Alumni Relations

Use this form to report anything that is broken or does not work as expected.

Request a Bucknell Account

Request a Bucknell account for a consultant or other affiliated individual.

Request a Netspace Folder

Request the creation of a folder in a restricted area on Netspace.

Request Accounts or Access from Development & Alumni Relations

Use this form to ask us to add, remove, or change accounts and access levels for certain users. (E.g., Banner INB, Banner Web, Blackbaud, EPM/Hyperion reporting, X-drive, DAR Dashboard/Tableau. Please allow up to TWO WEEKS for new requests.

Request Assistance from Human Resources

Use this form to submit a Workday ticket to Human Resources, including training, reporting an issue, or asking for help.   Do NOT use this form to report a problem with a computer, account, software, or web browser. Do NOT include secure, confidential, or sensitive information in your request.

Request Assistance from the Finance Office

Use this form to submit a Workday ticket to the Finance Office, including training, reporting an issue, or asking for help. Do NOT use this form to report a problem with a computer, account, software, or web browser. Do NOT include secure, confidential, or sensitive information in your request.

Request Project Space on Netspace

Request a folder on Netspace for your project.

Request Student Organization Space on Netspace

Request a student organization space on Netspace.

Request to have a Campus Phone Moved

Request to have a campus phone moved.

Request Training or Instructions from Development & Alumni Relations

Use this form to request training for an individual or a group. You can also use this form if you would like written instructions or documentation.

Research Consultations/Finding Information

Find information, explore library collections, and get help with library research.

Reserve Request Form

Request to have an item put on reserve.



Request assistance with Slate.

Software Issue

Report an issue with software in a classroom or computer lab.

Software Training

Library & IT provides training on a wide variety of software.

Soundbooth/Audio Recording

Audio recording can be done in the Sound Booth located in the Tech Courtyard of Bertrand library.

Spatial Thinking

In addition to supporting faculty and students in integrating GIS into their coursework and research, our GIS Specialists work with faculty and other campus leaders to infuse spatial thinking into the curriculum and promote the importance of spatial literacy in academia and beyond.

Streaming Video Request

Media streaming request form that allows faculty to request an item from the collection to be streamed for their course.

Student Calling

Request assistance with Student Calling.

Student Computer (Non-Bison Laptop)

Request assistance with a student owned computer that is NOT a Bison Laptop.

Study Carrel Request

Request to reserve a study carrel in Bertrand Library.

Study Spaces in Bertrand Library

The Bertrand Library offers many places to study, collaborate and discover.

Submit an Idea or Project Request

Have an idea or project request that involves technology? Submit it here.



Request assistance with Tableau.

Teaching with Technology Consultation

The staff of Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship works with faculty to support specific tools and engage in conversations about specialized course or research projects to better match our technology choices with our campus’ academic practices.

Training & Assistance

Request training or assistance on an IT tool.


Undergraduate Student Assistants

DP & S provides Multimedia Consultants to assist with video/audio recording and editing and more in the Digital Scholarship Center. Our Technology Consultants help students at the Tech Desk with a variety of software applications.

Using Library Collections/Get It

Learn more about finding books, DVDs, articles, databases at Bertrand Library and beyond. Also, you will also find information about collections and borrowing policies.


Video Conferencing/Web Ex

Video and web ex services are available for your event by contacting the Events Management Office.

Visualization Tools

Request information on our visualization Tools.


Request assistance with your voicemail.

VPN and Remote Access

Report issues connecting to Bucknell resources from off-campus locations.


Wired Connectivity

Report an issue with an existing wired connection, or request a new wired connection.

Wireless Connectivity

Report outages or request additional wireless coverage.

Workday Issue

Please use this form to report a Workday issue to Library & IT, such as problems logging in, navigating, using the mobile app. or a broken time clock.