Why am I getting "hold for authentication" on my mac when printing?

If your computer is completely up to date, it is likely an incorrect password being stored in your KeyChain. 

Delete KeyChain

  1. Click on the spyglass icon and type KeyChain Access. 
  2. When KeyChain Access appears, double-click it. 

  3. In the window that pops up, type the building code (Example: "Vaug", "Cole", "Holm", etc.) in the search bar in the upper right
    • If you do not see the printer name in Local Items, click on login and try searching the building code again. 

  4. Control-click (or right click) on it and select Delete.

  5. Try to print again, and see if you are prompted for a username & password; supply your Bucknell username & password
  6. Check the box to remember my password. This will create a new KeyChain entry. 

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