Google Group FAQ

Google Groups are a part of the Google Workplace suite of applications. Google Groups allow you to communicate with a large group of people more efficiently than typing many email addresses into an email message.

User Managed Google Groups

Standard Google Groups are commonly configured as one of the following:

  • Discussion Groups - group configured so that all the members can post messages and respond to messages
  • Email Alias Groups - group with an email address that can be shared with the campus or the world. Messages sent to the address are delivered to a small group of people.
  • Distribution List - group that allows a small group of people to distribute messages to a larger group. The recipients cannot respond to the whole group, only to the sender.


  • Groups requested through this form will take about 1 business day to set up.
  • Library & IT can help you change the settings or if you accidentally unsubscribe yourself from the group.

To request a User Managed Google Group, submit a request using the Google Group or Delegated Email Account Request form. 

Centrally Managed Google Groups

Library & IT can also create Google Groups that dynamically sync with a known data source, like Banner or Workday. For example, LIT can use all the majors in a department who are part of the class of 2026 to automatically populate a Google Group. To request a Centrally Managed Google Group, submit a request using the Google Group or Delegated Email Account Request form.

  • All majors in an academic department
  • All employees in a division
  • All students in the class of 2028 in a college
  • All students in a course

When a student separates from the university or changes majors, they will be automatically removed from the group. If the major gains a new student, they will be automatically added. If the student changes graduation year, they’ll be moved to the appropriate group. 

When the department chair or another authorized user changes, just let L&IT know via Google Group or Delegated Email Account Request form and we’ll make the change.


  • These groups take longer for LIT to set up, especially at the start of the semester.
  • Please make your requests as early as possible, and allow up to 1 week for your groups to begin being automatically populated.
  • LIT won’t automatically make new groups for future class years, so plan to ask for the 2027 groups next summer.
  • When all the students from 2023 graduate, the group will be deleted, unless there is a specific request to keep it.
  • Include the major department code in your request.
  • Include a list of authorized senders in your request.

Here’s what a request might look like:

Hi Tech Desk!

Please create Google Groups for all the students in my department:

abcd-2023 (all majors in dept abcd who are members of the class of 2023)




abcd-all (all majors in dept abcd)

The department chair, Joe Schmoe (js1000@) and I should have permission to post to all these groups.


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