Google Group or Delegated Email Account Request

Use this form to request service relating to Google Groups, or delegated accounts, also known as shared mailboxes.

Google Groups can function as:

  • discussion lists
  • email distribution lists
  • email aliases

Groups can be configured to automatically sync based on certain factors, such as department, major, or course enrollment.

A delegated account is a mailbox that can be accessed by multiple people.  Use this form to:

  • Request a new delegated account
  • Renew or extend an existing delegated account
  • Add or remove delegate access to an existing account

If you are not sure if you need a Google Group or delegated account, consider the following:

  • Google Groups deliver messages directly into members mailboxes
  • Delegated accounts are accessed separately from the person's own mailbox
  • Delegated accounts can be shared with a maximum of 25 people
  • Google Groups can include anyone; delegated accounts are only accessible to Bucknell personnel
  • For a generic department contact email address, delegated accounts make sense when a large volume of mail is expected.

Groups and delegated accounts can only be created for official Bucknell University purposes, such as Bucknell courses, departments or BSG-recognized student groups.

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