Should I approve every Duo Security login request?

If you are in the process of logging into Bmail, myBucknell, a Bucknell webpage, or the VPN, you will receive a Duo approval request on your cell phone, office phone, smartphone, tablet, or landline.  Approve that request and use the system.

If you are not in the process of logging into a Bucknell resource and you receive an approval request, DO NOT approve the request.  For example, if you are not using your computer and you receive an approval call from Duo Security, HANG UP THE PHONE. Only approve a request that you initiate and expect.

NOTE: On occasion, a laptop may awaken unexpectedly and Duo Security VPN may initiate an authentication request. You can avoid this situation by turning your laptop off when you aren't using it.  As always, do not approve the Duo Security request if you didn't initiate it.

Duo Security account is all you need to logon to Bucknell online resources.


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Wed 1/15/20 8:10 AM
Mon 2/24/20 1:29 PM