Popular Services

Request for repairs, toner, staples and paper for Canon Printers

Request a Google Group configured as a discussion list, email distribution list, or email alias, or request a new delegated account (shared mailbox), or renew or update an existing delegated account.

Faculty requests for streaming media.

Request a Shared or Team Drive

Request an ILL (Interlibrary Loan)

Request assistance from Systems & Operations.

Not sure which form to use? Use this one!

This includes accounts, passwords, Bucknell-owned computers, student personally owned computers, printers, printing, networking, gaming, office phones, classroom or lab NON emergencies.

Reporting a classroom or event emergency? Call 570-577-3435 immediately.
Reporting an emergency with a service or desktop computer? Call 570-577-7777 immediately.

Report an issue accessing an e-resource such as online journal, database or ebook.

Request assistance with digital pedagogy or scholarship.

Have an idea for a project? Want to request a change to current services, systems or processes? Use this form to submit your idea or project request. This form should NOT be used to report something "broken" with a current tool, process or service.

Request or change access to an administrative system (Ascend, Banner, Blackbaud, etc).

Request a DVD or Video for a classroom showing.

Request assistance from Solutions Development.

Faculty: Request a new journal or database subscription.

Faculty/Staff: Request to have material put on reserve for a course/semester.

Request assistance with a campus phone, voicemail or University-provided mobile phone.

Request a Community Moodle Site

Request assistance with digital pedagogy or scholarship.

Request Gladys Brooks funds

Software installation request for labs and classrooms
Software for labs and classrooms must be requested annually. Each request covers one operating system. If the software should be installed on more than one platform, please submit a request for each one.