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An overview of how to get started with WordPress at Bucknell.
The difference between pages and posts in WordPress and how to create both.
How to add new media, describe media, and use the Media Library in WordPress.
How to use WordPress plugins and a list of commonly used plugins.
How to create a new WordPress site at and choose your initial site settings.
How to create, edit, and display a menu with the site elements of your choice in WordPress.
The difference between categories and tags in WordPress posts and how to create both.
Instructions for logging in to Bucknell's WordPress and how to create a post for a course site.
This article gives an overview of how search engines work and gives some suggestions for improving your WordPress site's search engine rankings.
How to access your WordPress site after graduation, including managing additional editors and deleting unwanted sites.
Faculty and staff may wish to create a web page to share information about their scholarship, research, or teaching.