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These instructions explain how to post your Gradescope grades to your Moodle course.
This article provides a brief overview of the tool, Hypothesis.
Quick start guide for Moodle
Instructions for adding a streaming video to a Moodle course.
This article explains how to import an entire past Moodle course or parts of a past Moodle course into a current semester's course.
This article describes how you would manually submit a student paper to Turnitin, after you have created a (hidden) Turnitin assignment in your Moodle course.
This article explains how to move a topic area within a Moodle course by clicking, rather than by dragging.
Faculty and staff may wish to create a web page to share information about their scholarship, research, or teaching.
For instruction on accessing Bucknell resources from off-campus as well as faculty online instruction guides and student resources, follow this ask article.
If you need direct access to a system during an outage or upgrade, you may be able to use another link. Click on this article for more information.
This article details steps for recording and making available Zoom recordings.
Instructions for uploading and publishing content in Mediaspace
This article describes how to disable automatic subscriptions to Moodle forums when you post a message to that forum.