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Quick start guide for Moodle
We create Moodle course shells for all courses listed in Banner, but the courses are hidden from students. These instructions explain how to make active courses visible to students.
Instructions for adding a streaming video to a Moodle course.
Instructions for emailing students through Moodle.
Instructions for recording student attendance.
For instruction on accessing Bucknell resources from off-campus as well as faculty online instruction guides and student resources, follow this ask article.
Instructions for using Kaltura Capture with presentation software
Add name pronunciation to your Moodle course.
This article explains how to find past courses in Moodle not currently on the main Moodle server.
This article explains how to import an entire past Moodle course or parts of a past Moodle course into a current semester's course.
This article explains how to use the new course template in Moodle.
This article explains the most frequently used weighting schemes in Moodle.
One of the most powerful features of Moodle is the Gradebook, in terms of its ability to handle multiple grading scenarios. Click on this article for more information.