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This article describes two examples of Moodle courses with structures that students particularly mentioned as highly effective.
This article explains how you can see on a single page all the posts by a student to the various forums in your Moodle course.
Instructions on how to add an Assignment to a Moodle course in order to receive student work.
Instructions for viewing the photo roster in Moodle.
This article describes how you would manually submit a student paper to Turnitin, after you have created a (hidden) Turnitin assignment in your Moodle course.
This article describes how to view the originality reports generated by Turnitin.
Instructions for adding a Teaching Assistant to your Moodle course.
These instructions explain how to post your Gradescope grades to your Moodle course.
This article provides a brief overview of the tool, Hypothesis.
Quick start guide for Moodle
Instructions for adding a streaming video to a Moodle course.
This article explains how to import an entire past Moodle course or parts of a past Moodle course into a current semester's course.
This article explains how to move a topic area within a Moodle course by clicking, rather than by dragging.