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Standard specifications for faculty and staff computers.
The mac computer replacement process instructions include what happens on the day of your schedule computer replacement and the software that will be installed.
Instructions for adding the FollowMe printer queue to a personal Mac laptop.
The Bucknell laptop recommendations page provides guidance and direction for your laptop buying decision. Click on this article for more information.
There may be recommendations based on your major. Click on this article for more information.
Technology and travel instructions
Open the camera cover
Computer replacement schedule for faculty and staff computers in academic and administrative departments.
Warranty and service vary, depending on the make, model, and scope of the problem. This article contains more information about warranty and service options.
Would you like to be able to print directly to the Follow Me printers from your laptop without having to first download your file, then upload it to Webprint? You can!
We know students are looking for light, powerful, sleek laptops with bright screens and long-lasting batteries. The Dell XPS has been top-rated for years and offers a terrific combination of features. Click on this article for more information.