How do I use the Search feature in Ascend SmartTouch People?

There are two different ways to search for things - either by People or by Documents. Entering criteria in the Search Filter dashlet will refine the results delivered. Enter all criteria and click the “Search” button. Results will display to the right. Before going further, we would like to take a moment to provide a couple of general searching features (Wildcards and Search All)

Searching and sorting/sifting through results in Ascend SmartTouch People has many features that are covered below. Click on one of the links below to quickly navigate to a section you want to learn about, if you wish:

  1. Using Wildcards
  2. Search All
  3. Search by People
  4. Adding/Removing Search Criteria
  5. Viewing documents after finding correct person
  6. Search by document type or department
  7. Set viewable fields
  8. Sorting options

Using Wildcards

When using specific search filters, an asterisk (*) can be used as a wildcard.  “Search All” does not need the wildcard placement; it is done automatically.  The wildcard can be used before or after a string of data.

Search All

From the Search dashlet, enter search criteria into the “Search All” field such as any part of a name, ID, or other identifying information and click on the “Search” button.

NOTE:  When using the “Search All” field, the other search fields will be hidden.  To use any of the other search fields, remove the entry from the “Search All” and they will become usable.  Your Searches may also take longer to run.

Search by People

To search by constituents, make sure to select “People” from the drop-down menu in the search results dashlet.

Bucknell has different groups of people, including  but not limited to Students, Employees, Vendors, and Others.  Using a drop-down field will filter the search results selection.  If no filtering is required simply select All (which is the default).

Adding/Removing Search Criteria

When “Search All” is not in use, the users selected search fields will  display. Additional search fields can be added by clicking on the “Select a field” drop-down link.

To no longer display a filter, click on the red ‘x’ and it will be removed.  It can be added back as needed.

Note: All search field preferences will be remembered and displayed the next time a user logs in.

Viewing documents after finding correct person

Once the correct person is found, click on their name in the search results panel to view documents for them.

he search results window will display all information about the person as well as all documents that the user has permissions to view.

Note:  No change permissions for the indexed fields are available in this view.

To filter the thumbnail list, click a tile option under the Filter section.  A number in the parenthesis next to the option represents how many documents are available for that specific filter.

When a filter is selected, it will be displayed next to and below the filter tiles.  A filter can be removed by clicking on the red ‘x’.

Clicking on a document tile will open the document in a new window.

Edit or redact functionality will be enabled if permission have been granted. Please contact your system administrator if changes are needed.

Search by document type or department

To search by document type or department, make sure to set the “Document” drop-down in the Search results dashlet.

The “Department” and “Document Type” fields will always display when searching by Document.  If searching by people a user will not see these filters.

To filter documents by the department they belong to simply select from the “department” drop-down menu. The user will only see departments they are assigned to. Contact the system administrator if a department is missing or incorrect.

When selecting a department, the drop-down list will only display document types for the department a user has permissions to view.  If no department selection is made it will list all document types for all department to which the user has permissions to view.

NOTE:  the drop-down menu will display departments in parenthesis for document types that are in multiple departments.  For example, a user can have a “Course Registration” type for Dean of Management, Dean of Arts & Science, and Dean of Engineering.

Set Viewable Fields

The Search Results can be configured to show different information.  Click on the gear in the upper right-hand corner to display the field settings.

The People and the Documents section controls what is viewed when searching.

Click on any of the drop-down lists to select from the available fields options.  A user can change any existing setting or select None to leave blank.

Click on the gear again to close and save the changes.  The Search Results dashlet will refresh and the fields will reflect any changes made.

Sorting Options

Click on the “By” drop-down list to change the sorting.  This list is driven by the selections made in the Set Viewable Fields section.

Note: refer to the “Set Viewable Fields” section of this document for details.

Click on the arrow to change sort order from ascending to descending.


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