Should I shut down my computer every night?

Did you know that your computer may be very busy during the night (or whenever your workday is over)?

If you have traditionally turned your computer off when you leave at the end of your day, your computer may need to complete many important tasks while you are using it.  It is a better idea to restart your computer at the end of your day, leave it on the logon screen, and let these tasks run while you aren't using it.

Best Practice:

  • Restart the computer at the end of each workday and shut the computer down fully weekly
  • Sleep Mode is not powering down the device. Sleep Mode is helpful when you are still working on your computer. 

What will your computer do during the off hours?

  • Windows or Mac OS updates
  • Security patches
  • Application patches and updates
  • Data backup using Code42 or other backup software
  • Antivirus and malware scans using Cisco Amp

There are good times to turn your computer off:

  • You will be on vacation or out of the office for several days.
  • You are placing the computer in a bag or drawer where it will have limited ventilation.
  • The university is closed and staff have been asked to turn off all non-essential equipment.
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