How do I connect to the College of Management Virtual Desktop?

Inactivity Timeout - Student Virtual Desktop will log you out automatically after 24 hours of inactivity. You will NOT be prompted to save your work.

Saving Work - While your profile is persistent and you can save files, we still recommend that you save your files in Google Drive. You can sign in to Google Drive from the Start Menu shortcut, this will mount it as a G:\ drive in File Explorer

Video Streaming - Due to performance limitations, do not stream video (YouTube, Netflix etc.) within your Virtual desktop. Video quality will be much better by accessing these sites directly from your device.

What is a Virtual Desktop?

Bucknell University’s College of Management Virtual Desktop program provides students with access to a virtual Windows computer which is the technological equivalent to our Windows computers in labs around campus. This Windows Desktop can be accessed from any location.

There are commonly used software applications available on each virtual desktop - see below.

Available Software:

  • Excel (with PowerQuery and Data Analysis Toolpak add-ins)
  • Analytic Solver for Excel
  • Anaconda - Jupyter Lab
  • Simio
  • Gurobi
  • R Studio
  • Tableau
  • Tableau Prep
  • Visio

To request a software application be added to the system, click here to submit a ticket.

Download virtual desktop on your laptop



  • Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from the App Store 

Setup virtual desktop on your laptop

  1. Open the remote Desktop application 
  2. After you accept License Terms, click on Workspaces on bottom bar, click the + symbol (top right), then select Add Workspace 


  3. Enter in the box, then
    click Next 


  4. On the Microsoft sign-in screen, enter your Bucknell email address

  5. Select Work/School account

  6. Enter your Bucknell account password

  7. Set up MFA (multifactor authentication) via text message

  8. Once Remote Desktop has been configured, double click the Session Desktop icon and enter your password to enter the Virtual Desktop

  9. To open an application, click on Start Button and start typing name in Search box, or click on All Apps and scroll through the list to select it.

  10. Black/White and Color print queues are installed to allow users to print from Virtual Desktop. Once print is sent, you can release it from any Follow-Me printer across campus.

  11. To end your Virtual Desktop session, right click on Start button, select Shut Down/Sign Out, then click on Sign Out


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