How can I add the Bucknell holiday schedule to my Google Workspace calendar?

You don't need to add each individual holiday to your Bucknell calendar. You can add a single 'Other' calendar to your personal calendar so that the holidays will automatically show up in your own calendar. In order to do that, start by opening your Google calendar on your computer. Look on the left side of the calendar. You'll see My Calendars along the side, but you'll want to scroll down to see Other calendars. Click on the + sign next to where it says Other calendars.  When you mouse over it, it will say Add other calendars


Click on Browse resources. 


You'll see a long list in the middle of the page - scroll to the bottom and click on the down arrow next to Other

You'll see a long list of resources, including Bucknell Holiday. Check the box and in a few minutes, you'll see that your calendar will be populated with the Bucknell holiday schedule. You'll also see it appear in your list of Other calendars


If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at the Tech Desk in Bertrand Library at 570.577.7777 or submit a ticket at



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